Subaru Dealership in North Vancouver

For most of us, purchasing a new automobile represents making some major decisions, so please take a look at Specialty Subaru, your preferred Subaru dealer in North Vancouver, where West Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, the Sea to Sky Corridor, Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island motorists have been coming for over 45 years thanks to our great selection of new Subarus, as well as our honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

Our main goal has always been customer satisfaction. We want to keep you happy, from the day you first step into our new-car showroom, until many years down the road, when you bring your car back to trade it in on a shiny new one. In between, you will get the best automotive service in the business.

You will get to know all our people on a first-name basis and always be treated with courtesy, friendliness and respect. Our success is a result of our philosophy. Customer satisfaction is paramount. That is why we will always be pleased to go the extra mile for you.

  • 2015 Subaru WRX STI Review

    Sometimes, once is not enough. Often times, I don't get a second round with a new car shortly after I attend a short-lead event. This was one of the times where once around was not enough. I therefore took the time for a second round with one of my all-time beloved cars: The Subaru WRX STI.

  • 2015 Subaru BRZ Preview

    The Subaru BRZ, like its clone the Scion FR-S, is the product of a partnership between Toyota and Subaru. Steady on the road with sharp steering, this great looking two-seater is remarkably easy to handle.

  • 2015 Subaru Outback First Impression

    I cannot, nor will I ever, find fault in the station wagon. I can see, in my mind's eye, Subaru people shaking their heads at the fact that I began my review of their new Outback with the words "station wagon." From where I stand, it will always be a long-roof, however, never has the Outback looked more like a CUV than it does now.

  • 2015 Subaru Outback to start at $27,995

    Subaru Canada has unveiled pricing for the all-new 2015 Outback, which will arrive at dealerships this summer.

  • 2015 Subaru Legacy First Impressions

    I like a company that tells it like it is. Sure, you can spout high sales numbers and swing stats to put yourself on top for the likes of us auto journalists, but we know your tricks. So, when a company pulls up a slide openly admitting the general public, when polled, don't actually know about or consider their vehicles, it's eye-opening.